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Yeah, I would agree that paedophiles are largely okay people - they just are born with an attraction to children. Most will never act upon their impulses. Some will get child pornography (which is a crime in itself, although I don't know why - I mean, pictures of cannabis aren't illegal!). Only tiny minority will end up abusing children. If you asked a group of people the question, "Is being a paedophile illegal?", they would mostly respond "Yes, it is" (which is, of course, incorrect). I think this stigma towards paedophilia and zoophilia (which are classified as paraphilias) is totally unfair and not based on fact.

I suppose, in some ways, the users of this forum are victims of stigma - the stigma towards mental health problems. I remember someone asking Josh for a photograph of his new haircut - he refused because he didn't want to he hunted down. This stigma often stops people getting the help they want to get because of fear of ridicule. In fact, the word stigma comes from the Latin word meaning "a tattoo indicating slave or criminal status".
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