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I am a Catholic Christian. And I have nothing else in my life that makes me more proud. While the fact that I am a 15 year old boy does make me disagree with certain aspects of the religion, overall it is a good thing. I've gotten over bashing other religions a long time ago because it is definitely not worth it.

Obviously everyone has the right to be atheist or agnostic. But I must ask; do you still celebrate Christmas? or Easter? If you truly believe in your Atheist beliefs then you should be able to easily give up Christmas celebrations (including gifts) or the fun of Easter time.

I do believe that Atheo/Agno people do seem to bash Christianity more than vice-versa. I would just say that you should keep your pessimistic empty beliefs to yourself and let everyone else enjoy their faith.

PS. Kolte's blatant disrespect for stories in the Bible is disgusting. I do not believe the Bible literally (ie. Jonah did not really go into the whale etc). But it is still the most printed, translated, and read book on the planet. It guides the morality and the lives of billions. What gives mighty Kolte the power to say so?

haha ok this is a funny bit: This website is loaded with Gays, liberal socialist hippies, and Atheists. But as a Catholic I can still accept that continue contributing.

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