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So this is part of another story I'm writing, the main charcters name is Armando. And he's 14.

~setting, here we go in mid chap 1, where ARMANDO is at a pool party~

“What are you doing by yourself?” It’s Jose. He goes to school with me. “I don’t know…I just got bored.” I reply.
“Really?” he raises an eyebrow. He said something that made me laugh. And then we sat in silence. I could feel him. Just looking at me. He was sitting right next to me. His body warmth radiating to my skin compared to the cold water felt so refreshing. I could then tell he was staring at me. His eyes tracing my body. He had talked to me only about five minutes a day at school. God, what a crush I had had on him. I was almost positive he was interested in me. Like the time we were in a backyard listening to a band, and he commented the band, starring at me the same way with those big brown eyes. Something intimate I felt…something. I mean...he stood right next to me!!! THEN HE SAID..”They're pretty good, for a band with no bass.” And, well it was the hardest descion of my life, but I chose to say “Yeah.”

He wasn good looking, but his personality made impulse in me, I just wanted to jump on top of him. Is this weird? Was I a stalker? No. I don’t know much about him. Only that he helps me with my books when I’m carrying a lot. And that he has good manners as well as an excellent taste in music. He had black hair, he was tall, not much muscle, and he had dark Latin skin.
He looks up, I’m staring him right in the eyes. “Wait, I’ll be right back”

And he goes and swims out of the cave. So I’m alone again. Sitting. Here. In the dark. Lonely. What’s wrong with me? I should be outside getting my freak on shaking my booty. But here I this cave thingy. Sitting here, waiting for JOSE!!!

But then some little kids enternd the cave, and I swam out, dissapointed my crush didn't come back soon enough.

Where to hide? Maybe some of my classmates are by the fountain. Pedro is there. He’s so thin. We never talk. He jumps off in too the pool. I sit there. In the fountain, and stare at my feet through the water.

~let's skip the horrible event and fastfoward!!!~
No, Jose didn’t appear out of nowhere to comfort me. I don’t go running into his arms telling him of the dreadful encounter with these mysterious men, and he doesn’t say “It’s okay”, sealing it with a magic kiss. And we don’t become boyfriend and boyfriend and live happily ever after.
My eyes are red. My hair is wet. And I’m cold. There’s drops of water, little bubbles decorating my body. I call a cab. I leave. I need to go home. But instead I wind up at a mall. I’m wearing the clothes I came in the party with. I walk along side the various stores. I leave.

~fastfoward, ARMANDO, is out of his present state of telling you of his dark past, and awakend by his friend FRANNY. BUT THEN, they have to go to an assembly, but their school is small so like his firend JOHAN is sitting there, and this is a piese of the dialog~

ohan sits quickly next to me. “Hey Armando!” He’s totally oblivious to the fact that Mr. Richmond is now hovering above us and mouthing “Settle down.” I Pull Johan closer to me and whisper for him to hush. Then I pull out a book for the reading of mass from the little shelf on the back of the pew in front of me. And start talking to two of my favorite people in the entire world. Johan and Franny
Robert: “You’re not wearing your usualy LIVE STRONG armstrong yellow band.”
Me: “So?”
Richmond: “Mister Fernandez? Your reading material happens to be upside down, are you trying to get a head ache or are you using it as a poor excuse to socialize?”
Of course Johan is silently laughing. “It’s my entire fault!” He says dramatically to our grumpy teacher. He continues; “I led him in this conspiracy! If it hadn’t been for I, words would have never exited and perched on his soft delicate lips!” He held my hand as if I’m dieing, rubbing it against his and repeating “Why?!” And pretends to faint. Now not even Richmond cannot be un amused by Johan’s complete absurdity. I’m cracking up. “I think I Should separate you two...etc
~more ahead, cause i dont feel like posting some of this unless youre really intrested~
I have this impulse…I want to ruffle Rob’s hair. But I can’t because today is a big day, and it would be wrong of me to ruin his hair. His eyes are like a yellow brown, they remind me of my father’s. His hair is a dark brown shade, he’s fairly handsome. I’m sure any girl would kill to date him. But he chooses to only touch me, I’m the guyl he talks to the most, but I don’t have a crush on him.
Cause I’ll look at him, and smile. But we fail to make eye contact. I can’t help but think someone has poisoned him of evil accusations about me. But I doubt it. Because he was there for me when I needed him. No other friend had been. But…it’s like…he disappeared. Like he was brain washed. Like my total existence and point on earth to being his friend has been erased. And we’re just. We’re just…strangers. Deep in my throat I could feel the need to cry around him. The sight of him reminded me of how just three months, of the summer vacation can change so much. So many good things. I want him badly. Not because I’m being ignored.But my memory of the good person he was. However, I’ve heard from kitty of all the rotten things he has done this school year, I see he didn’t only change by growing taller. And for that, my heart pains.
For once I want some intelligent boy. Someone who can hold me close and confidently show he doesn’t care about my looks. Where can I find that? It’s impossible. I should become a priest. But I’d be miserable. I’m a romantic guy. I’m independent. Don’t get me wrong. But the thought of snuggling underneath the arms of a man, feeling the warmth, it sends goose bumps and the blond hair on my arms rises, like a cat.
Throughout life you come across people that are quite wise for their age. Or perhaps observant, or bright. That person who is always quiet. That person known as the odd ball, because the words they speak are so scarce. Some of them open up a lot more when they grow older. Their words mean so much. But these people are rare themselves. It surprises me. The surplus of idiots overfilling the world. It’s simply overwhelming.

gay pride!!! mcr is hott! im emo!! writing poetry rocks!! inuyasha is cute and fun to watch!! i love ryan cabrera!!

Vt Alliance!!
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