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Default Maybe?

yeah.. i know, completely random post by some completely random new member to VT, but meh. anyway; just a little about me so im not a complete random:
name - chris
age - 14
country - australia.

there, now continuing on.. theres a guy in my year who i quite like.. his name is mitch(ell) and hes my age. we are somewht firends, we talk occasionally, but im not too sure what to do.. this is the most common problem.. i mean, i could openly come out and say i like him, but he'd kind of be freaked out and never speak to me again, or i could just live knowing i like him or do something that falls in between the two.. i really dont know what to do. i could become better friends with him.. hang out with him at school etc. anybody have any ideas, would be much appreciated..

many thanks - chris.
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