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Originally Posted by HelpMeFeel
Originally Posted by popo92
he aint skinny dude, ill tell yuo skinny, im 5'3", and 90 lbs, thas skinny.
I struggle with bulimia as well and comments like that make it 10,000 times worse...please think about the effect before you type something like that.

I relate to you a lot, I was bulemic for a long time and still struggle with it on a daily basis, but it's not good for you, and it's NOT easy to stop. You set a goal weight and once you get to it it's not good enough so you keep going. You should try to stop while it's still early. I like throwing up too just because it's a release and you're in complete control, but I started thinking about it. I'd rather have self-control rather than control of my inevitable destruction 0_o
Nick is right, the accid will eat away the enamel on your teeth and basically burn away the lining of your throat. The lack of nutrition to all of your organs can cause serious and severe problems.
Might I suggest something....instead of purging...try drinking a lot of water to fill your stomache up if you dont want to eat. Try eating only once a day if that makes you feel more comfortable and make it something that you know has very little calories....a salad or celery...fruit is always good too...watermelon..cantelope.....
I am NOT saying don't need to eat your body NEEDS food it NEEDS nutrition..but it was easier for me to try and stop purging when I was only eating very little and it was something with few or no calories. And eventually it becomes a healthy thing. After you eat if you feel the urge to throw up try running...sweat ...get mad.....thats what I did.....I'd do something until my mind was so consumed by it that I didnt even think about purging anymore....It's really really hard at first but I promise it gets easier. I also wanna add that you sound like a perfectly normal, healthy weight, but you can pm me if you need to talk, I'm here.

yeah i agree that, that was the stupidest thing you can say to someone who has an eating disorder like that,.
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