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Um....and here's some song lyrics I wrote for a local singer back when I lived in America, you've probably heard of her...Britt Spears.
> " I know you hear the voices of the past. Faceless
> is the nature of the
> reality. But I forever believe that I will never
> understand. Let it be, that's the
> secret of a mystery."
> Enter the labryinth and feel the pleasure of
> confusion
> Come into the maze of mirrors and get lost in the
> halls of illusion
> If you don't understand that's how it's supposed to
> be
> A mystery, like Atlantis lost in the endless sea
> Does an angel's hand hold mine when I am sad?
> Does that angel laugh when I am glad?
> When we die we will be guided to our next life?
> If you don't understand, that's how it's supposed to
> be.
> A mystery, thats the power we cannot see.
> " Hold my hand, my spirit lover. Walk me through
> this lonely dream, striding
> through cloud 9. Even through the darkest rain, it
> will be just fine. That's
> the secret of a mystery. "
> When the fires of the heart never stop burning
> It melts the thickest ice to make the gears start
> turning
> Love is the key, if you don't understand just let it
> be.
> It is a mystery.
> It always exist, the legends that we dream.
> It is our right of passage, thats the power of
> magic.
> Our creations live on, as lyrics or elven folk.
> Noone even knows how Simon's mind works.
> Don't understand it, just let it be.. it is a
> mystery.

gay pride!!! mcr is hott! im emo!! writing poetry rocks!! inuyasha is cute and fun to watch!! i love ryan cabrera!!

Vt Alliance!!
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