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Haha I have the exact same problem. I feel so superior to everyone. I'll fight to be right about the tinyest little things no matter what. I even have this with teachers and usually end up proving them wrong, but its gotten me into tons of trouble over the years.

Ive accepted this as being me though. I have plenty of good friends but for some reason Im not like that toward my closest friends, just every single other person. My friends think its hilarious because by now they know im like this. And I really am amazingly smart (seriously not just trying to say that haha). I just never use my knowlege and cleverness to further myself, only to prove other people wrong and feel superior.

Haha as im writing this post remembering lots of times this really showed and im starting to get that unbelieveably satisfying feeling with myself that Im so damn smart and quick witted. I just can't help it anymore its what I live for.
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