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Originally Posted by chrisawesome View Post

Why is Obama even our president he is the worst one in history. I am a Republican and I would rather have Bill Clinton as my president If i had to choose a democrat. He gets into office, cant put his hand over the bible which makes most americans suspicious of his religion. And when asked to provide a birth certificate refuses until he can make a fake one to make the best Am. businessman, my role model, Donald Trump, look like a fool. Obama doesnt know a thing about balancing a budget. We have a huge debt to china and now he wants to increase corporate and persoal income tax. F Y I, every business person knows if you can produce someting cheap somewhere else then the company will move jobs over there. So the remaining jobs left in. merica that Obama hasnt taken into Communism will be sent to china. Personally I dont mind the world ending in 2012 because we wont have to put up with more of his bull****. OBAMA IS HURTING AMERICAN COMPANIES WHILE HE TURNS THE SUCCESSFUL AND SMART PEOPLE TO POOR PEOPLE AND THE POOR PEOPLE INTO THE OVERPRIVLAGED WHO DONT CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY. ( KNOWN AS BOTTOM FEEDERS) I feel like in the future, the only way for me to become succesful in business, and produce more jobs, is if I move to Mexico or another foreign country. Then cross the free border and eat off the government. I guess Obama forgot about what IL-legal immigration is. It means against the law. So why isnt the govt. prosecuting it? why dont you ask Obama. I have no Idea why. Frankly I believe that Romney's "self deportation" theory and "the other 42%", you know, the ones who eat and suck off of the govt., where the 2 biggest quotes that got me devoted to the Republican party this election.
Sounds like someone has been watching too much FOX news. I see you call yourself upper middle class, so you don't understand that many people (definitely not 42% of America) aren't mooching off of the government. I don't even know what to say bout the Obama is an un-American terrorist, oh yeah and he's also a communist/facist/socialist. They're the most ridiculous conspiracies ever and it makes the republican party look worse. Republicans dont want to acknowledge the good Obama does so they make up conspiracies. I'm not saying Obama is the best president ever but your attacks don't make sense. If you're going to attack him, at least attack his policies. Also Donald Trump inherited his money from his father so I'm not sure how great of a businessman he really is. Romney's self deportation policy is really coming back to bite the republican party in the ass now.
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