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United States Poll:

1 What political party do you support? None
2 Do you consider yourself far right (conservative), far left (liberal) or independent?
I have no idea
3 Are you pro choice?
4 Do you consider yourself open minded?
5 Are you opposed to change?
6 Do you support the War In Iraq?
7 Do you support the Obama Administration?
8 Are you satisfied with the economic state of the United States?
I guess not
9 Do you support the War on Terror?
10 Are you tolerant?
11 Are you Christian or do you believe in Christ?
12 If you answered yes to 11, then If somebody is not Christian do you see them as inferior?
13 Do you think Barack Obama should be impeached?
No because he hasn't committed a crime. Impeachment is only filed when a crime has been committed. You can't just impeach him because you don't like them. Read the constitution!
14 What is the most effective form of government to you?
Where nobody is an asshole. Communism works on paper, but people are selfish so it doesn't work. Democracy has its fails too, but it works ok for now.
15 Are you open to stem cell research?
Yes. It can cure virtually any medical issue.
16 If the time came that the United States instituted the draft, would you support this decision?
Depends. I'm usually against wars because human issues are so petty. We should work together to make a better world, not kill eachother for fun. It's stupid.
17 Do you think Gay Marriage, or civil unions, should be legal?
Yes! Why the hay shouldn't they be?
18 Do you friends ever call you racist or narrow minded?
The racist yes, but only because I'm a joker and Key and Peele are hilarious. I'm not racist at all.
19 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Not enough wood to make a good campfire. We need smores people!
20 Who is your Representative?
Some Californian dude
21 Who is your Senator?
Some other Californian dude.
22 Are you male or female?
23 Are you a minority?
Depends on who im with. I'm white.
24 How old are you?
25 Are you rich, middle class, or lower class?
My dad is upper middle, but I'll be lower when I turn 18, I'm getting kicked out ans I fail at life. That is, if I keep myself alive to be 18...
26 What is your sexual orientation?
Straight, wirh a slight curve, and with a few kinks
NOTE: would somebody from countries besides the US please make similar surveys catering to your country. Just pm them to me, and I will approve or disapprove. Thanx.

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