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Default Re: *** A Guide To Safer Sex ***

i want to but idk, i've pulled out a few times but the others she wanted me to cum inside her, which at that moment i was like ok cuz then i dont have to stop and i can pleasure you more, but then when we are done, i worry, our first time i had a condom in my hand (i wanted to use it cuz it was my first time period) but she said just put it in, and with both of us being drunk we didnt think, so i just dropped the condom and fucked her, i dont even know if i came or not, but she didnt get pergnent so it doesnt really matter, and i wont get anythin cuz were going out and all 9 times was with her, and she hasnt been with anyone else since me so i'm safe for that cuz neither of us have anyhting, but i dont want ot get her pregnent
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