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Originally Posted by x-graven-x
Well I have only seen you write about one particular thought... 'you hate school'
It's not the funnest place but school is a good thing and if you want to complain about something in your poetry, pick something that matters. If you didn't go to school, you wouldn't have learned how to write poetry.
I'd have to wait until you wrote more stuff to say..
I agree with Sarah so far all you've done is whine bout how much you hate school cause it actually makes you do work and you don't like that. What you haven't taken into account is you wouldn't be able to write, or read never mind know how to write poetry if you didn't go to school.

I have two sisters right, there both in diffrent universitys, I go to visit them all the time and katie took me to the cave (study hall) when I was with her. She had an exam and she wanted me to meet her friends, we had a great time and you know what they were studying for plant tax and they were going over allot of stuff that I had learned in biology, they were quizing each other and I kept blurting out the answers.

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