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Default Re: Depressed about sexual confusion

Sexual orientation isn't something you either 'choose' or can change. You are who you are. The question is determining accurately exactly who that is.

One of the ways to do this is to get involved with people and see what comes up for you, inside. What your feelings are, what your thoughts are, what your urges are. It's difficult to determine if your lack of feelings for any one particular person (of either gender) is reflective of your gender orientation, or simply that you don't 'click' with that person.

As you get older, it's easier to seperate true desire from hormonal craziness, and at 18 or 19 I'd think that the feelings and urges you have might be easier to understand. What about therapy? Maybe exploring all this with a professional might help clarify for you what's going on?

As a P.S., this topic regularly comes up, alot of guys worry about their orientation, and a while ago I responded with my 'Rule of 3 A's' (in a moment of playing 'Junior Psychoanalyst'), which I thought was a pretty good explanation of what I think you need to have to take into consideration when trying to sort out your own orientation. You might want to search for it, I think it might help you.
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