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I tried to kill myself once. Three days later I wake up from a coma. Then I'm sent to a mental hospital and put on suicide watch. I got used to it. Then I met my doctor who didn't give up on me. Tests and more tests he found out I was a schioz.

The point is it cause more problems in the end. My mon was crushed. All we have is each other. My brothers and dad don't even want to see me. It embarrssing for them to be seen with a schizo.

All you can do is throw in the towel on your present life and create a totally new life. If you don't change then you can only espect to get the same results in the future.

First, you need a little extra help so tell your mon and dad you are suicidual and want to get help (as in seeing a head doctor). He will most likely put you on anti-depressants. Don't worry about cause I take them and they work great. I'm a totally living my new life and I'm happy again.

I made this web site so all the members could find advice and help from each other. I'm amazed that its working and its part of my new life.

Everyone here loves you so you have to find away to live another day. For me its my mom, VT, and art.

And people here have helped me so many times. Let them help you too.


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