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I'm Christian, but I agree with MANY of the gripes some people have with my religion. My main concern is the fanatics that most people see on tv that condemn everyone to Hell for all of eternity and blah blah blah the point is they give Christians a bad name, and should not be associated with Christians (if they were alive at the time of Christ he would have called them hypocrites and Pharisees). I have no qualms with the beliefs of others; I believe in God and Jesus, whatever you believe, well that's your business and I have NO RIGHT to ram my own belief system down your throat. Of course I could educate people on what exactly it is I believe, but hey they have the exact same right to tell me about their religion and what they believe in also.

Honestly I think there would be a lot less aggrivation for all parties if we all did something like that... of course that will never happen. Oh well....
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