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Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
I believe that 50% of all 15 y/o can NOT retract. It's quite common.
I know it's not that high!

here's a website with many old studies -->
at eMedicine -->
at -->

It's true that it's common, but it does not affect that many uncircumcised boys. In the first link, the rates of things like smegma and phimosis were so high (in the 8%'s) probably because the study was done in the 1960s, when they didn't know as much about those conditions/boys weren't taught about them.

The reason we see so many questions about foreskin problems is probably because the guys who experience this get worried and search for it online. It stands out as a common question because those guys search it because they don't know what's happening and the people who don't have the problem don't say anything

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