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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I just recently came to the conclusion that I am gay.

After almost a year of struggling with my sexuality, I sat down and thought about things.

First off, I had felt an attraction to one of the opposite sex only once. However, this was long ago. I had felt attraction to those of the same sex more than thrice.

Second off, I have always been more feminine than those around me. I regularly get my nails done (I always get a male manicure, nothing fancy), I enjoy shopping, and I conform to some homosexual stereotypes.

Third, I just know. I know it may sound strange, but I just know. It was not something I decided one day, but, rather, something that was inside me that I was not willing to accept inside me and tried to change... but then I realized that that is the way I am and it cannot be changed. Now I am happy being gay, and I don't think that that will change.

Also, I feel as though I am lying to those around me. I desperately want to come out because every time I am around my friends I feel like I am lying to them. I also feel as though they deserve to know rather than being clueless if I am gay or not. Does anyone have any advice on this? Thank you for any replies.
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