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Default I MET A GUY!!!

OK!!! today i found the cutest boy working at subway, oh my gosh. He had long hair like Bo Bice but he had a so much cuter face. It was love at first site, i don't think he really noticed me. He said one thing to me, "can i help you?" and i replied "6 inch monteray chedder bread with chicken terriaky and american cheese please" and his voice was so soothing. I want to go to subway everyday now until i finally work up enough courage to introduce myself. Oh i just loved the way he cut the bread it was so hot and the way he put the chicken on my sandwich and the cheese...OOOH i can't stop talking about it!! Hes so butch i just love his style, it makes me soooo hot... any suggestions on how i can get to introduce myself, i need help please!!! Thankyou

gay pride!!! mcr is hott! im emo!! writing poetry rocks!! inuyasha is cute and fun to watch!! i love ryan cabrera!!

Vt Alliance!!
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