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Originally Posted by Shaolin
Let me butt in from my goodbye.

I couldn't help but read this website for a second..sorry hah

SHUT THE FUCK UP COSMOS! - What the fuck is your problem your so uptight! You think me or anyone telling people how to use drugs safely is promoting them, your completly fucking wrong.

They give METHADONE a drug, to heroin addicts to help ease them off their drug use. That's addiction counselours, you fucking moron! and if you think i was in anyway promoting drugs your WRONG, i was not, i was simply saying "Drugs are alot of fun kids and you know that, that's obviously why your taking them, and if you want to do that fine GO fucking kill your own body, but if you do it, you might aswell do it safe - because i know you'r gonna do it anyway, i've already tried Don't do drugs, and i still get you coming back saying "I wanna try this drug but im not sure" or "ive been using this recently and ive found that i've got this problem how can i help it?"

Well good luck mate, because telling them "Dont do drugs" will not solve a thing.

And complain all you fucking want to administrators, (as you did before - because you didn't like what you heard) i really don't give a shit. Im not a counselour anymore as far as im concerned, im only here 'every now and then' to take a glance, so fucking get REAL, not republican! Fucking moron...
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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