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I had another one, this time it was Halloween related. Oh god and it wasn't even a sex dream to start out with. It went from some sort of adventure dream to a sex dream, but it didnt go far or well enough for any sex to be, me anyway. I really am getting tired of all these sex dreams, even if I do enjoy them while dreaming, I hate waking up in the morning, with an erection and my mom yelling at me to get in the shower. I suppose I have weird fantasies because most of my sex dreams are mostly incest. This new one had my mom and dad going at it with me and my sister (who doesnt even exist, apparently I imagined one) standing in front of them, not to mention butt naked watching them go at it. Then me and my, imaginary sister go into my room and I get aroused and try to coax her into sex...The mind is sometimes a horrible place.

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