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Why is it that,
he always cries?
Removing himself,
from curious eyes.
Whis it it that,
he dresses in black?
Is it because,
he could not care,
or is it because,
no-one was ever there?
Could it be,
this boy was not loved?
Not cared by the world,
never held high above?
Or is it the way,
Which he was raised?
Was he abused?
Beaten and grazed?
One to himself, never a group.
taking a track off the main.
Was it a girl? Was it a guy?
Who made this poor boy, so innocent, cry.
Was it the ones, that turned him away.
Because he was different,
because he was "gay."
Straight as he was, he understood not.
Why the world hated him,
why he must rot.

An angel he found,
amongst the crowd.
She never hurt him,
she felt the same,
they supported each other,
and thyself to take grin.
They lived by one-other.
They heeded same words.
He loved her dear, moved in with her.
Secretly though, she wasn't right.
falling deeper, ever deeper,
drowning faster, dying thicker.
Fearful of life, determined to die.
Silently she, crept out one nigh.
took out a rope, and trusty old knife
Tied a noose, she realised not.
She'd done this before, a thousand times now.
Tying it tight, around the bar.
Chair at her feet, height was spot on.
she slips the noose, around her neck...
then a slash, the blood starts to flow,
another she takes, feeling is going,
quickly she kicks, chair is gone.
hanging she is, drowning for good.
Her hands are red, the knife slips,
straight to the ground,
it stays where it lands.

The morning arise,
dark and grey skies.
No-one there, not one to be found,
searching for her, the table he spots,
the letter he dreads,
the letter of pain.
wallowing in those memories,
He looks for her,
there she hang, neck on the side,
blood on the ground.
He grabs the knife, still laying.
SLASH SLASH, his blood mixing with hers,
mixing with tears.
The ground he hits, its too late now.
Dead to the Earth, Dead to his soul
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