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well i always had these weird feelings ever since i was in the fifth grade. when i entered middle school i started noticing the guys more. most of my friends were girls and and all the guys used to say my best friends Pilar and Amanda were the hottest girls in school. i used to hear people say they used to jack off to pictures of them. never had those feelings and i thought it was weird. i was sort of envious that all the guys paid attention to them more than me. i got depressed and started eating more. then i started fantasizing about these two guys in our class... Chris and Peter. i always liked to draw anime and i used to draw them (sometimes how i saw them and sometimes a bit raunchier). i couldnt deny my gayness then. i used to masturbate to the thought of them. i still see them today and it doesnt get any better.

gay pride!!! mcr is hott! im emo!! writing poetry rocks!! inuyasha is cute and fun to watch!! i love ryan cabrera!!

Vt Alliance!!
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