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My support for Atheism:

1. How can you have faith in something you cannot prove, see, hear, smell, touch, or at least smell?
2. If I did believe in a god, I would be a deist(someone who believes in a non-intervening god). What does God do for people in 3rd world countries, who are dying of starvation?
3. Okay, some guy in Africa has NO way of knowing who the hell God is... apparently, he goes to hell. Also, as soon as a child knows right from wrong, they are eligible to go to hell. Obviously, this is wrong in SO MANY ways.
4. There are HUNDREDS of translations of the bible... Which one is the right one? How do you know some delusional guy didn't make all of the bible up?
5. A guy commits NO sin for most of his life, and he tells ONE lie and doesn't repent... He goes to hell. This may be theoretical... BUT IT'S TRUE.

However, I am not going to tell people not to have a religion, because we all need something to believe in (my thing is that rush hour traffic will always screw you over LOL).

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