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Originally Posted by Learn2Bsmart View Post
Yeah, I at times finger myself anally and there are difference in the intensity of the sensations I feel. Sometimes its just nice. Other times its overwhelming and it feels like you are sick, but at the same time its addictive and pleasing. In the long run, I just want to ask, does stimulating the prostate gland affect your bowel movements? I've found that after my prostate was stimulated and I have ejaculated, I have to go quite quickly.
If you mean after you fingered yourself and ejaculated you have to go take a piss, then that's normal. It's the body's function to make rid of any excess sperm cells left in your urethra.
If you mean you have to go take a crap afterwards, then that's explainable too. You see, your rectum (The "S" shaped part of the large intestine that leads to the outside [i.e. The place you shove your finger into]) almost never contains any waste. When you feel the urge to go take a dump, waste is moved from the colon (large intestine) into the colon for disposal. If that urge is not met in time, the waste matter is moved back into the colon until you crap it out yourself (Or until the colon moves it back into the rectum again).
Now, the urge to go take a crap comes from the fact that you're opening your anus (The butthole) with your finger whilst rubbing the wall of the rectum has the same effect of sitting down on a toilet and waiting/"pushing" (For those who rush to take dumps).
If that answer isn't deep enough for you, I can take an educated guess and suggest that the action of rubbing the wall(s) of your rectum relaxes the muscle and waste matter can easily fall/slide from the colon into the rectum.
There XD
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