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Of course with today's society, the driver will probably get sued like there is no tomorrow. I bet the kid that got choked will go to court with a neck brace and say they want 1 million of damages and mental anguish. That's the problem with today. Everyone is sue happy.

That's kid that said "watch your language" should have minded his own business. And what is even worse is that kid who said "hey mother fucker". That kid should have been cracked in the face. Then one of the older brothers acts all tough and pushes the driver like he is going to deck him. Please. The driver should have choked him too. And then after all that, the kids have the nerve to demand that they get off the bus. No dam respect. If i was that driver, i would have choked all of them. I really hope the driver doesn't get jail time, and i hope the kids remember that the next time they don't listen to anyone.
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