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Originally Posted by FaDinG DreaM
Wow.....Thats horrible....I can't belive the driver did that!!!! Holly shit! It dosen't matter that the kid was yelling or not sitting exactly the way he was supposed to you do NOT do that!!!!!

I'm home schooled but I go into the head office a few times every month. The drive is an hour long, theres barley any kids on it so we usually take our shoes off and strech out we put our feet on the seat on the otherside, lie down and sleep, he dosen't care. If we ask him he'll crank the speakers (it's the radio but still).
That bus driver should be in jail!!!!!!!!!!!

The kid did NOT have it coming he was not the one the driver was going after if you watch you'll see the driver walk past him to get to one of the kids friends. He was helping out a friend instead of being a coward and leting the driver attack the other kid. I didn't laugh at all when the driver started to strangle him, but I am very fond of the kid that got attacked! Loyalty I like that.
but think about it, if you were the bus driver and all the kids were being little shitheads, and swearing at you, you would be pretty pissed off.
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