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Default That Following Feeling

i wrote this in english, as part of a story i was doing actually english teacher damn near cried when she read it, lmao..i thought that was hillarious

you should be able to work out from the context what its about
note, its not really set out for was just in a block paragraph when i wrote it, so there might be breaks where there shouldnt be..


That Following Feeling -

A thousand drops, hear them fall.
The rain came tumbling down.
A scarce few live to find, the killer that’s around.
He watches you; view’s you there.
Watching you with his ice cold stare.

If you hear the thud, it too late.
Time has sealed your awful fate.
You’re doomed to die, there and then.
Not to care, not to dread.
The cold of metal, from behind. Dancing out, across your neck.

Just pray that, his mood is good.
Pray that, the kill is quick.
The silence that comes comes so quick.
If you by, your own poor fault, catch the man.
That horrible man, is he a man?
In a foul mood. Prepare to meet, your eternal doom.
The pain that ensues, too harsh for words.
Hearts are broken, lives are taken.
People break, like a mirror’s glass, falling from grace.
Malevolent is as malevolent does.


and there it is..
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