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"Should be" isn't good enough it's not illegal for one very simple reason, freedom of speech my boy.

Now I don't think anyone actually has rights online BUT that dosen't mean the admins of a site 2184 strong have to make it against the rules to talk about it because one closed minded member says so.

Matt do me a favour and take a look at Texas the educational systems policy on sex is sex does not exist.....Have you noticed how well thats workin for them? Texas has the highest rate of teen pregnanceys and STD's in America they have more then the rest of the states combined. My point is telling people its wrong and forbidding them to talk about it, will not stop them from being curious. Human beings are curious by nature, were explorer's its one of the many traits that has allowed us to become the dominant species on this planet. The only way you're going to satisfy the majority of the population is be talking to them about it, give them the facts don't say there good, don't say there bad, give them the info, let them decide.

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