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Originally Posted by nwshc
Originally Posted by cosmos
you went to iran as a tourist right? which means you went to an upper class touristic location. that doesnt represent the whole country. maybe me and you have different definitions on what it is to be civilized. iran, in which 40% of people are below the poverty line, is hardly considered civilized by me
Its just like if you go to the Bahamas. If you stay in the tourist locations, it looks all fancy and nice. But as soon as you leave it, you hit raggedy people shooting snot rockets everywhere. Same in Mexico too. Many rich people, but lots of crime and especially child abductions.
No, I stayed with family, and went around the ENTIRE country, including remote locations, big cities, and tourist resorts. I went up north to the Caspian Sea, out to Shiraz and Esfahan, in Tehran, down to Kish, and some more small towns which we stayed in for a few hours. They were all pretty advanced. I'll grant a lot more people there are in poverty than here, but people don't know what they're talking abot.
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