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Default Re: ** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by tbonehntr View Post
hey so does anyone that is uncut want to get cut? and anyone who is cut want to restore/wishes they were never cut?
Originally Posted by Woofie View Post
I'm uncut, but prefer the look of cut.

I wish i was cut

In my 100% personal opinion, and nothing against you, Woofie, or anyone else on this site, or any other site...

I think it's easier for the parents to choose to keep their sons as they were born and allow the owner of the penis to make his own decision regarding that part of his body. I've read on several sites that doctors generally don't use painkillers on babies, and when they do, they generally don't allow enough time for the painkillers to take effect.

Plus, wouldn't it be easier on the doctor to cut a larger penis than it would a smaller one?
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