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Originally Posted by Millermagic
My thoughts on Act 1: I agree with it. The muslim world does not like western religion, western forms of government and western people. Many of the muslims in the middle east believe that anyone who is not the same religion as them should be killed. So expanding into the middle east by going further than Iraq would definitely pervoke the middle-easterners.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Muslim people at large have no problem with the west! I've been there, I've talked to them, I would know. It's their GOVERNMENTS that they can't OVERTHROW that have problems. The people in IRAN HATE their government, but they can't do anything about it! And they also dont like it when we bomb them. That statement you made was extrememly stereotypical and generalized and somewhat racist. If you don't know what you're talking about...don't try!
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