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I agree with that to some extent.

My thoughts on Act 1: I agree with it. The muslim world does not like western religion, western forms of government and western people. Many of the muslims in the middle east believe that anyone who is not the same religion as them should be killed. So expanding into the middle east by going further than Iraq would definitely pervoke the middle-easterners. Iraq is going to be our base of operations in the middle east. However, I don't think that North Korea is going to supply pakistani militants with nuclear weapons, they might be able to get them from somewhere else though.

My thoughts on Act 2: This will happen. I 100% agree with this. I really don't think that Israel belongs in the middle east. I'm not discriminating against Jews in any way, but they do not belong in the middle east. Especially since Palastine had land taken from them to make a colony for the Jews in the middle east. Again, I am not trying to offend or discrminate against anyone here.

My thoughts on Act 3: I could see this happening too, but maybe not the exact scenario. I definitely think that there is going to be a nuclear confrontation, but I don't think it will be korea or taiwan. I think korea's bark is worse that it's bite; honestly, I don't think that they are going to do anything. Anyone that is thinking right, and I'm not saying anything twards the mental stability of North Korea's ruler, wouldn't attack anyone else that has nukes, becasue both sides would loose. It may be china. China has a sixth of the world's population and we are going to be competing for oil soon, and if China wants it, they might go as far to threaten to nuke us. Could it threaten mankind, yes and no. It couldn't if it was just the 2 nations, US and China. But if nations start paying bakc for it, we could face a nuclear holocause and it could lead to the extinction of man kind.

My thoughs on Act 4: Inevitable. No governmental sysyem is going to last forever. A centrist government, like ours in the United states isn't going to last, neither is a far right government (facist) or a far left government (communist). With so many different ethnic groups and different interests, unfortuantyely, the US isn't going to be around much longer

My thoughs on Act 5: Our modern civilized scociety could possibly be taken over by the not-so-civilized scociety of the middle east.

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