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Originally Posted by PeaceKeeper
You know what..why is Sony pre-rendering all their games for E3? Are they hiding something? If it was that powerful then why didn't they just play the actual game like Xbox did? Thats where I start to laugh at the PS3 if it's truly all powerful then they would have played a actual game...Well thats just my just might bw saying that for they don't look bad, honestly why would they make a crappy big controller like that, when they have the nice small ones?
or just maybe they changed the design because they felt it was time for change.....How is the controller crappy? It has the exact same layout as the dual shock controller....So it will feel the same....and the Boomerang look isnt bad at all....its a change and I think that scares you because, your so used to the dualshock....Because I know that if they didnt change it, you guys would be like..."oh sony should have changed their controller...the original design is getting played out"

and as for E3....Nothing there was pre-rendered....They spoke to Sony reps who were there doing their presentaions, and they said nothing there was E3, they could be just saying that, but im gonna take their word for it.

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