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42 times bottom of breast. deep considering i have no proper tool and had to use a led pencil. Reason: he left me to protect me i cried for three hours...... ill never b good enough for him........ i just worsened his situation with my deppresion...... i'm such an asshole. a selfish asshole

18 more times which makes a total of 60 in two days. The aching feeling in my chest just will not leave.......

10 m0re times which makes it 22 in one day. 70 in two days. I talked to him and asked for his forgiveness he told me he still wanted to be friends. IDK if i can....

Merged. -Steven

Everybody has their pasts, nobody is perfect. But at the end of it all even once you slip over that line, even if you pass the brink of insanity, you can still come back.

It's the idea of doing something that society frowns upon. Picking up a habit that society has deemed as socially unacceptable is my own personal 'screw you' to the people around me who feel the constant need to tell me how to behave correctly.

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