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Originally Posted by Majin Vegeta View Post
I know many jews are "secular jews" and I assume that most of my friends were too.

either that or they were just way less invasive. I couldn't tell you anything about jewish religion from being around them except all the bar mitzvahs in 7th and 8th grade
Originally Posted by StoppingTime View Post
I'm assuming you're only referring to the Ultra-Orthodox Jews, in which you'd be correct. The other sects of Judaism (for the most part), are less "traditional" and have moved away from those practices.
The idea is that these "traditionalist" continue to follow Jewish law and adhere to Jewish values to the letter. It is them that reflect what the religion is about, because they make literally every effort to follow it, and have not changed for hundreds of years. They continue to study every word in every Jewish text, they bend to every law physically possible to carry out what's necessary as prescribed by the Written and Oral Torah of the last few thousand years. The religion of Judaism is most strongly represented in them, their beliefs and their actions, and as those beliefs and actions are violent, hateful, egocentric, and destructive, it speaks volumes about the religion itself.
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