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Another one of these end of world philosophies...

Look, here are some things that you have to look at:

1. WWIII cannot be stopped. Technically, you can consider the last one WWIII because the first one happened already. It's called the Crusades. Technically, it'd be WWIV, to it's definition. Maybe, considering the HRE was about 15 countries...
2. We already started giving up our right to privacy. And I doubt the Constitution will dissolve. The media is WAY too powerful. It wouldn't work.
3. I've heard over time and time again about the Antichrist theories. Technically, it's supposed to happen in 2012. Know what? Who cares. Anyone in their right mind would not give complete world power to one man. That'd be stupid. Besides, by then, we'd probably be able to resurrect people. Andrew Jackson, anyone?
4. I'll be damned if that conflict between the Isralies and the Palestinians is solved for another 100 years.
5. Iran's government WILL be civily overthrown soon. There's pretty much opposition to it. So that's gone.
6. I expect a war between China and Taiwan. All Taiwan has to do is declare their independence.

Finally, if we are attacked again, I'll be DAMNED if I give up my right to bear arms, five main freedoms, right to due process, etc. Do you know what that means?

A dissolution of the Constitution means that races are no longer protected. Gays, lesbians, latinos, blacks, arabs, Irish, ANYONE CAN BE PROSECUTED for no reason. Slavery will exist.

I guarentee will NOT happen. Not from some Mayan prophecy, not because some pope known as the Gloria Olivae, NO! The Antichrist will be assassinated before he can claim power. And I guarentee you, if he does, I give him a week to live.
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