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Originally Posted by nwshc
Originally Posted by Gothic_Knight

And as another thought, I don't really care if you call me a pussy because I'm soft on war. I'm a Catholic, and I don't believe and killing people to solve problems, not this way, anyway. I like to follow it more of Hammaurabi's way: "An arm for an arm"
Actually, the pussy comment was more directed at that sean kid. Im not going to let him call me a dumbass and get away with it.
Hey, be nice to my friend.

Heh, sorry about him. He basically just likes to act like an asshole to everything. Really. Especially that one fic he wrote...Sir Bon Bon goes to Iraq. It makes absolutely no sense, and is pretty funny.

And about your other question: Yea, you're right, but I still view a kill as a kill. Enemy or ally, someone dies. This is purely about opinion, and you can't change someones. IMO, this was senseless, because the amount of force we took could've been a lot less. Many lives would've been saved if we just would've let the UN finish their work. That's the only thing about it that bothers me. War is usually justified, but when I saw the final report of US intelligence that there were no weapons, and that we decided to overrule the rest of the world's advice, that just got me pissed.

If it was something dire, like something to the extent of the Holocaust, then by all means, yes, go in. However, if it's something in this instance, where you now have reports that intelligence both from Britain and the US is rigged...then we have a problem.
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