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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by Archduke Robert of France View Post
I've been pondering getting my own diary for many months now, but I've been torn as to what to make it about. However, I have decided upon a topic!

Diary: Restaurant Royale - a Culinary Encyclopedia
Description: To spark your interest in all things culinary.
Owner: Archduke Robert of France

P.S. Will I recieve a PM when my diary is created, since there's a waiting list. Otherwise, my bad memory might kick in and I'll be all like, "Who stole my idea for a diary?!"

Originally Posted by thesonicguy View Post
Member Forums and Diaries

Title: Hedgehog's Den

Description: Sonic Guy hid in his warm burrow to escape Vixen

~ A L E X ~

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