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You right, the war wasn't necessary. We could still survive without it. And we would probably be in less debt without it. But, If we did not have this war, i can guarantee you that we would have been hit again, and most likely again. What is it, 2,000 soldiers have died? Well if you think about it, if we did not go to war, there probably would be thousands more civilians dead. People would be outraged that we didn't go to war and could have prevented these catastrophic deaths. As a result of this war:
A ruthless dictator is in prison. A dictator that killed thousands himself.
Many, many terrorist have died or been captured. Which if this war didn't happen, they would all be running around to do as they pleased.

Yes i do admit that Bush could and should be doing a better job. He has proposed a bill that would allow him to keep troops over there for 2 more years and to get an extra 20 billions dollars i think. That is despicable. We should not occupy their country for another 2 years. Just too long and nothing would get done. And 20 billion dollars, that could go to so much more, like social security. We should be focused on rebuilding Iraq, and getting the hell out of there, and going back to normal and focus on domestic problems.

I would rather go to war than have thousands more of our citizens die. That's just what i think.
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