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Originally Posted by cosmos
Originally Posted by Gothic_Knight
I was referring to the PC. And those graphics can be beat. If you have a GeForce 6800 Pro
if your talking about the xbox, yes it can be beat. if your talking about nintendo revolution, yes it can be beat. if your talking about the ps3, your talking out of your ass

the ps3 uses new graphics technology from nvidia that's better than two of their 6800 ultras SLIed
Hmm...well, the day I play HL2 on high with full HDR and two 6800 Pros, we'll find out.

And I personally prefer computer gaming. Computers don't nearly attract as many viruses as you think. They come with automatic updates (Steam does, at least) to fix and add to your gaming experience. Modding engince like Sandbox and Hammer also add more replay value to the game, making the possibilities limitless.

And even if two 6800s can't defeat the Cell, Nvidia will create Geforce 7000s soon enough, and ATI has a new card that'll be released soon
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