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Whoa, you've taken everything out of context.

The question was "Is this war truly necessary to have the basic principles of our country survive?" Now, can our country survive if we get a terrorist attack? Yes. I'm not opposed to all of the War on Terror. I support an extent. They screwed us up, and we have to serve them back, but not go invade random countries whenever we please.

Now, if we were attacked, could our country still prosper? Madrid got bombed, and they haven't plunged back into the Dark Ages. And look at Germany. They had debts of WWII and WWI to pay off, yet they still remain one of the most powerful countries on this planet. One setback will not harm a country that much. Many setbacks, yes, but one? Odds are against that idea.

In the beginning, I supported Bush. He retaliated the right way to the 9/11 attacks. Then I learned other things. I learned about the memo where the government could've stopped them from happening, but they didn't. I learned that the federal defecit was getting larger. Guess what that means? We have to pay it back, or we'll face an economic crisis reminiscent of the one we first suffered under the Articles of Confederation. The national debt is already the largest we ever been. That's just going to plague us when we get older. And then came Iraq.

He went in there without letting the UN finish their job. He wanted to finish what his father couldn't, plain and simple. He took the country off of the real danger, Osama bin Laden, and focused the central threat on Iraq. Osama's still out there, scheming away. And we have the asshole Kim Jong-Il in North Korea, who we should've been finished with long ago. And now there's Russia, who's starting to back away from the democracy they started. Soon, unalienable rights will become alienable, all around the world. It has started. It's unavoidable. We'll just have to sit back and wait for WWIII, with North Korea as our main threat. We had our chance, we blew it, we now have to face the facts.

And it seems you have a fancy for comparing the word pussy with a democrat. In reality, we're all pussies, as you say, in some retrospec. It's impossible to not be afraid of anything. You can call me a pussy for being too shy in public. That's one definition. You certainly can't call me one for being a rifle-toting man who's a pretty good shot, now can ya?
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