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Default Re: What kind of voices do you hear?

Sometimes, the voices sound like my friends voices. In this case, there's usually several voices talking to me at once and it sounds like they come out of my head. and I can understand them! they talk about things that have happened in the last week most of the time, a few times though when I'm really tired and it's late at night, i've zoned out and had hallucinations of me talking to someone, and then it came true a few weeks later!!! I haven't been able to explain this "Deja Vu" that i've had.

Other times though, the voice sounds like some sort of twisted demonic version of my own. And it talks to me and I talk back. I've tried to stop myself from talking but I don't feel normal when I stop. i don't know why i can't stop indefinitely. It seems so real, like there's a demon living in my head, yet i suspect it isn't real, because it's talking to me right now quite annoyingly and i'm in a library with a looot of people. I'm not answering it back, so it can't be real except to me if nobody else is looking around for the voice?

...I mean, I can still answer the demon voice through my thoughts... since it's up there.. it can read my thoughts, and stuff...

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