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Originally Posted by PeaceKeeper
$400..where did you hear that from? lol Last time I heard its only going to be $300...cause MS doesn't wanna make a crappy mistake, now the PS3 is gonna be $400 or $500, but have you seen the graphics for Xbox360 their awesome! Nintendo..just copies everyone, plus the only good game they have is Zelda, and Metroid..we'll see who dominate..(XBOX FOR LIFE!!)
I was referring to the PC. And those graphics can be beat. If you have a GeForce 6800 Pro

And it's more of the other way around. How has Nintendo copied people with the DS? Being able to download and play 20 years of gaming? Offered an affordable, easy to fit in my small cabinet console?

Nintendo's controllers have gotten stolen over the years. Wireless, analog stick, D-pad, rumble. All of it.

And I can tell you're more of an FPS gamer probably...but that's just my raw assumption.

Oh, IMO, Microsoft and Sony are copiers...of freakin' Microsoft. They're trying to give people a gaming PC, IMO, just without all of the actual good games and the awesome features.
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