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Uh, Sean, please calm down ;;

But he's right. Who would want to fight in a war that's based on false intelligence (that some say was rigged...I think the BBC has an article about that, don't have the link though)?

Wow, saying we're pussies, eh? That's a real original thing, considering that I don't remember that happened during 'Nam.

Yeah...let's see all of those senators jump up, ready to pick up an SMG or some random sniper rifle. Let's see Condy pick one up, then I'll go into submission.

Given the war was ACTUALLY necessary, and that the US was running out of troops, I'd gladly pick up a Desert Eagle, an SMG, and a frag grenade or two and join the fray. I have loved ones here that I need to protect.

The last truly war that was truly necessary was for this country to go on was WWII. Well, that was for the free world, in retrospec. Don't even count the Persian Gulf, because that was some random battle. Even though I do like the idea, was the War on Terror NECESSARY to go on? We could certainly survive. We'd live in fear everyday and put warnings up for about 20 years till we get internationally attacked again, but our country CAN STILL SURVIVE.
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