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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

i never understand questions like this. that's like asking me when did i first find out I wasn't a fish. or that i had brown eyes. it's not like there is program inside me that was just waiting to be activated at the right time. I have always had brown eyes but I wasn't always aware of it or always thinking about it. I have never been a fish but I when I was a little kid I never had a reason to wish I had gills or fins. when i was a little kid and thot a dick was just for peeing I never had a reason to think about who i wanted to have sex with but i knew who i "liked" and didn't like even if it never came up or was something I actively thought about. so it's not something i ever had to find out it's just something i always was and at different times in my life i discovered different ways that it was important. like who i do and don't have crushes on. and who i do and don't think of when i jerk off. but it's not like "at 10 years old i found out if i was gay or not" but more like "at 10 years old I had my first crush". idk if that makes any sense or not.

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