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I agree with Gothic, but you're wrong in your evidence:
Domestic...we're #1. Our country has THE highest rate of domestic terrorism. I mean, look at us. The Bloods, Crips, radical groups, the KKK. We have it ALL, except for the IRA. Why? Because our gun laws are a little lax...the right to bear arms is loosely interpretated too much, and 14 year olds can own .44 magnum revolvers...maybe that's a reason why our country has been given our current status.

Clearly you havn't seen bowling for columbine, people in Canada have just as many guns, and 14 year olds can get them easier there then here. Also, Germany is the one who exterminated 6 million jews, yet only 300 people are killed with guns there.

Our domestic terrorist problem is caused by Bush and his "the iraqis are gonna attack us" bullshit, and his god damn color coded chart
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