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Okay, to post my two cents...

Depends on what kind of terrorism you mean. International, no.

Domestic...we're #1. Our country has THE highest rate of domestic terrorism. I mean, look at us. The Bloods, Crips, radical groups, the KKK. We have it ALL, except for the IRA. Why? Because our gun laws are a little lax...the right to bear arms is loosely interpretated too much, and 14 year olds can own .44 magnum revolvers...maybe that's a reason why our country has been given our current status.

Also, as two men have quoted, we have commited what some may say be horrid axe in the past. Let's start with Mr. Elie Wiesel. As he stated, FDR turned down 5,000 Jews that were already in our country to go back and face Hitler. Why? Because we didn't want to help a clearly visible threat...some may say that was terroristic in one way.

And to quote Ronald Steel. "First, states that intervene for purely humanitarian reasons quickly lose interest and go home; those that stay almost always has dubious motives." If we're not in Iraq for oil, then please, explain why we have Haliburton contractors there.

Also, to leave you with another quote from Steel: "Sixth, be wary of 'democratic' solutions. Democracy is a plant that requires long nourishment and does not take root everywhere. What is important is not that a state be democratic (Athens wasn't) but that it provide justice, equality, and dignity for its citizens. Democracy, after all, is not a solution, only a method." Unlike people say, democracy isn't perfect. Look at ours, and tell me, it's not corrupt by raw non-political ambitions.
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