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Default Re: Is there more Black Racism in the modern US then white racism? (discuss)

Racism is something that i strongly disagree with and since we have the white side of view (no offense rtas' vadumee) lets get a black view
Racism is alive but is dying out at my school i've heard white students call each other and black students ni**a and the same with the black students so the main people who are racist are our parents and grandparents generation and they're not to long for this world.
Another thing is there are alot of all white programming around and a few black programming but it doesn't stop the other race from tuning in they like it just as much if not more than the race it was primarily intended for BET shows diverse programming ranging from gospel to rap and from sitcoms to prank shows which is the almost exact same thing MTV, VH1, and CMT is doing all BET is doing is giving black actors a better chance to get on TV.
Lets get back to school for a moment. The reason more white kids get in trouble for making racial statements than black kids is because noone reports what the black kids say what the black kids say is not something acknowledge as a nationwide "no" word and the everyone knows why we don't like the N-Word.
Another thing is not everything all white is labled racist right there is saying that black people are itching to find racism any where (excluding Rev. Al Sharpton who just might be) its like we have nothing better to do than worry about being offended.
Finally i want to say that the only way we can grow is if we look at our mistakes in the past and learn from them racism was a mistake on both sides we as black people should not have created intentionaly offensive words or done anything wrong fueled by hate of a race and the same goes for the white population. Two wrongs don't make a right. Oh yea and to answer your question to me its even
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