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Default Re: Is there more Black Racism in the modern US then white racism? (discuss)

Wouldn't equality be boring? Watch "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". I admit it is slightly racist, but can't a white person purchase the "all-black" channel? Money is money. So it doesn't limit the viewers to being only black, but it it meant for blacks (sorry if you prefer african-american or some other term, please tell me and I'll change all this.) So here:

dirtbike channel, it's meant for dirtbikers, I like interior design (not that there's anything worng with it, but really I don't lol), I have as much access as a real dirtbiker, but I HATE dirtbikes. Catchin' my drift? Now as for an all white (also if you prefer another term as a substitute for "white" tell me and I'll change is ASAP) channel being tagged as racist, no it wouldn't. Black people may watch it freely (not counting buying the channel that is) with no repreccussions. It isn't including one race in the staff, but neither is the other races channel so... That's equality in my mind. Each race has it's individuality, but how do you mix individuality with equality? You can't. (unless they both have they're own TV channel!!) Unless I'm missing something... That is another debate though. is offline   Reply With Quote