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We can’t stop thinking about the pain you brought on to us
How I despise you and your malicious ways to torture us
You hurt us and destroyed us by the impact’s of your hand
We can’t be near you we have banned you from are life so please just get of are land
We hate you we hope you rout in hell cuz of your stupidity
You internally scared us w/ all the brutality
Why did you hurt us what did we do to make you go so mad
We were always been nice to you & then everything went bad
We will never forgive you for the shit you put us through we did nothing to ever make you mad
You destroyed my family that was surviving on are own living life part by part
We were always safe & dry until you came to tear are hearts apart
The time has come for you to go now take the strange dark road ahead we refuse to take anymore
Go go get away we don’t want you here no more so live your life all by yourself cuz your not
Welcome anymore
Don’t you dare come back knocking on are door


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