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Look, I'm perfectly fine with gay marriage. It's been around since the times of the ancients (Greeks, Romans, Sumerians probably).

And for anyone who says that God made us to be straight, think about this:

He gave us the genetics that give us our said sexuality. We don't choose to defy natural order or anything. On the contrary, they say that some people are born becoming gay, but don't know it (There are studies on this, don't know much about them, but they do exist)

I don't care if what I believe in is wrong. I believe in equality. I am like Elie Wiesel, against indifference. Putting a ban on gay marriage will be reminiscent of the Jim Crow laws. They will be repealed eventually, whether you like it or not. Until then, it will put much pain on this...

This should be a decision for all. More and more states (California being the most recent) are declaring a gay marriage ban unconstitutional. Why? Because it supports indifference.

Are you against indifference?
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